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consultation · project outline · finished product

Adell & Co. takes pride in getting our clients to the finish line.  We are able to do this by setting clear goals from the beginning and following up frequently to ensure we are on track. It is our goal to exceed your expectations, but we can't do that if we don't know what they are. That is why the client on-boarding process begins with a consultation so that we can understand your project and determine if we're a good fit for writing together. 

Our ghostwriting process is fairly simple. We chat it out, plan it out, and then we write it out. The time it takes to complete your project will vary depending on our current demand and the specifics of your needs. We haven't encountered one dissatisfied customer yet. 

Contact us so that we may customize a package that best fits your needs.

I have had 3 personal experiences with Ms. Lamb. Each encounter, she was asked to write a poem for the occasion. Ms. Lamb exceeded my expectations every single time. I felt her words and the passion she put into her work. She took the time to understand each occasion to ensure that her work was satisfying. My last request for her was to write a poem from a deceased mother to a bride-to-be. When her work was read aloud, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. I would not hesitate to use Ms. Lamb again in the future and I would recommend her to any and everyone.
— Geena T.