30 Women in 30 Days


Of all the things I am, being a woman is the one thing I enjoy the most. It is also what I admire most about my friends and my mother. We are some of the most dynamic creatures, giving plenty without much effort. Whether we are mothers, sisters, daughters, or riding solo in this cold world...we find ways to thrive in our spaces. Even when our super powers are hard for others to see, we are powerful still. 30 Women in 30 Days is a fictional personal essay project inspired by the lives of women we see, meet, and are every day.

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Working in Purpose


Writing is therapy, and so is reading. Adell & Co. is working hard to create a catalogue of meaningful work. It is our goal to live, work, and write in transparency because we believe that space will foster the most growth...for our craft and our readers.



My Heart's Content


A story, in poetic form, of the ups and downs of life after love. Love is blinding and if we're not careful, we will find ourselves nurturing our heartache instead of healing our wounds. 


self-care Journal

There is a time to be grateful, a time to cry and lick our wounds, and a time to manifest. As you reflect on what time it is for you, use this journal to capture your thoughts.


Barrington Learns to Read

Children's literature

A tale of a little boy determined not to disappoint his mother. After overhearing his mother crying on the phone, he knew he needed to make some changes in the classroom.

Tales from the Classroom

children's literature

There are many adjectives that can be used to describe sixth grade and this class is breaking them all down. Eight groups share stories they've written under the guidance of our Founder, Laneshia Lamb.

The Write Creative Agency


Adell & Co. has coined itself as The Write Creative Agency because not only do we help our clients reach their goals, we do so with the greater good in mind. It's always been important for us to leave an impact. In the beginning our efforts were centered on client interactions and project execution. Since then, we've expanded our scope to include children.

Our name is the result of the impact of Laneshia's grandmother. She was a leader in their family, and inspired them all to always shoot for the stars. After her untimely death in 2013, Laneshia decided it was time to level-up and Adell & Co. was born a couple years later. 

In addition to the support we provide to business owners, we also support our community by way of our non-profit organization, Pretty Geeky Kids Club. It is our goal to constantly create connections, whether that be between business owners and their ideal clients or children and new experiences.

We are far more than just another content company, but content is definitely our core strength. Writing since the age of 5, Laneshia knows her way around words. Having created content for blogs, speakers, authors, and even teachers, Laneshia is skilled + capable in getting you and your content to the finish line.

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